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M-Machine (Engineering) has evolved over the years; from a couple of basic machines that enabled us to make small modifications to our press tools - to our current capability which allows to to produce a large variety of components 'in house'. We have expanded our capabilities and now have a large variety of machinery and skill base that allow us to tackle almost any engineered/machine product.

Below is a basic list of our capabilities and plant. We feature some of the more interesting jobs and components on our home page as well as our engineering movie page. The list below should be taken as only a guide of our machine and company capabilities.

Lathe machines up to a capacity of over 50" diameter which include centre lathes and production capstan lathes.
High speed CNC centre lathes, automatic collet chuck and bar feed for mass production with a capacity of up to 1" diameters.
Horizontal boring with facing chuck.
Vertical milling machines capable of 52" continous travel as well as horizontals.
Radial arm drilling and pedistal drilling machines.
Vertical and horizontal (shaping) slotting machines with rotary table actions.
Laser cutting, capacity of up to 49" x 50". Larger sheet capacity can be accommodated if necessary up to thicknesses of 1"
Full fabrication facility that include MIG, TIG (stainless and aluminium) welding, metal rolling, pressings up to 200 ton in a production environment, guillotines, spot welding and brake pressing.
Heat treatment facility, up to 1200 degree C.
Heated paint booth, capacity of full automobile re-sprays.

The list above only touches the surface of the capabilities of our workshops, we are probably one of the last 'old school' companies in the Durham area where experience is strongly present among our workforce.


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