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Engineering and Fabrication MOVIES & ALBUMS

We sometimes record short movies of some of the jobs that pass through our workshops, and sometimes we may take the odd photo as well. Below are some material that we have had time to upload, this page will be updated as new stuff becomes available, please click on an icon below to either play the movie (indicated by the play symbol) or view one of our photo albums.

Our 200 ton press producing a floor panel. Horizontal boring a Jaguar supercharger unit to enable overspeeding via a smaller drive pulley.
Our CNC lathe at work producing threaded fittings for use with our mini panels. Movie of the laser cutter busy profiling some inner wing pre-press panels.
Machining a locomotive rod and piston on our larger centre lathe. Short movie of our old vertical slotting machine in action.
Photograph Albums:
Album 1 Album 2

The movies are streamed from our server in a variety of formats that are compatible with all of the popular web browsers - including mobile and tablets. If you have problems viewing the media then please use the download link provided on the movie player page. If you have problems viewing the movies or photo album the please visit our help page here. All media is produced and hosted by M-Machine, all rights reserved 2012.