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Previous Engineering Project:

Boiler wash out plug:

Fitting the boiler tubes was a time consuming job, with many possible leak points that could potentially become a problem during the boiler pressure testing procedure. No one however anticipated that it wouldn't be any of the new tube joints that would cause concern for loss of water from the vessel - but on initial trial filling it appeared that the tapered wash out plugs were going to require some attention.

Close up of the wash out plug

The wash out plugs are sited around the boiler to aid 'washing out' of the pressure vessel, and as such are rarely removed. It was discovered that nearly every tapping in the tank had at some point in the past been re-tapped. Given that the plugs are tapered - this meant that nearly every of the six tappings were slightly different to one another - so the plugs that we manufactured were completely custom produced to fit perfectly to the required depth, governed by the existing tapered hole in the boiler. All of the plugs are stamped and numbered to relate to a particular tapping into which they were machined to fit.

Pecket tubes


Not the best of photos admittedly, but it was taken as I crouched inside the fire-box with my mobile phone as we expanded the tubes in the copper tube plate. Myself inside the firebox - expanding the tubes whilst Andy held the tubes at the smoke box end, keeping everything in position and readying the next tube with some wedges.
Components were featured on the website home page in February 2012.



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