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Previous Engineering Project:

Whistle Valve:

Machining some small components for a working scale model locomotive boiler. This is a combined turret -whistle valve which is fitted to the top of the boiler - fully working and machined from bronze and stainless steel. Inside is a small spring, push rod and a ball bearing that forms a steam tight seal; pushing on the lever allows steam to pass from one port to the next which operates the whistle. (some photos of the boiler will be added to the photo gallery shortly)

The regulator actuator handle. The handle and rod was machined and hand worked using stainless steel, with a phosphor bronze wire that has been wound to form a spring. Inside the bronze housing is a tiny PTFE compression fitting that forms the steam tight seal - this can be adjusted as necessary via the small nipple directly behind the lever. The linkage provides a nice clean and smooth action.

An overall photograph of part of the assembly; showing the regulator handle, rod and valve, the dome plate and gaskets as well as the super-heater tubes and manifold.


Components were featured on the website home page in January 2012.



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