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Previous Engineering Project:

Pecket Nuts, Cones and Flanges:

We have been really busy again on our lathes; this time machining some phosphor bronze high pressure steam nuts, cones and adaptors for the 'Pecket' locomotive which is currently undergoing restoration and near completion at the Darlington Rail Preservation Society. The fittings have been machined for a perfect fit as well as highly polished - these are mostly in the loco cab so are both fine machined for safety as well as looking very nice for the 'wow' or 'show-off' factor.

Nuts and Cones
Fabricated pipe

The cones are machined to an exact taper and are 'blued' in so that both the male and female faces mate up perfectly. This is to ensure that we achieve a joint that is capable of maintaining a gas tight seal - even under extreme pressure. Metal on metal joints are always favoured where high gas pressures are concerned because the joint does not rely on the integrity of a gasket, but of course this can only be relied upon as long as the machined tapered faces perfectly match one another.


We also produced some special one-off pipe flanges that were used on a replacement copper steam pipe. On one end of the pipe is a nut and cone, which is in turn fixed to a valve in the cab, the other has a flange soldered onto it with a clamping nut to affix the end onto the existing boiler-side fitting. The pipe was formed to match the original fitment so that it aided an easy replacement.
Components were featured on the website home page (March 2012).



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