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Recent website updates:

30/03/13 -- Server upgrade completed. I had a bit of a panic on when I found that the website code was being modified on execution by our new server to change internal file links from absolute locations to incremental locations. (the server was adding extra directory levels to the URL calls which prevented the css sheet and various graphics from loading correctly). A quick find and replace sweep of the code on every page corrected the problem. Phew!!

21/03/13 -- MAJOR SERVER WORK: Our website (m-machine-metals.co.uk) will be moved to a faster web server during the end of the month of March 2013. Currently our website runs across two servers (computers) that supply the information for the site, one specifically to host the movies (because of speed requirements) and the other for general pictures and data. The whole site is being transferred to the quicker server which should help reduce page loading times and consolidate the site into one self-contained folder. There may be a 'down time' depending on the transfer speed of the DNS tag - this is the information that tells the internet where the site is hosted - and can take up to ten days to complete, typically though - this usually takes a few hours to a few days. We will initiate the transfer on Wednesday 27th March 2013 - hopefully down time will be minimal.

16/08/12 -- I'm updating the whole catalogue section with a new routine to grab the price list and size database infomation in a more easy to read format, so hopefully users that have experienced 'fuzzy' text whilst using the online database will now be able to view the info more clearly.

17/06/12 -- We've added some google analytics code to the entire site so that we can view any errors that visitors are experiencing whilst visiting any of our pages.

17/06/12 -- When we originally applied the drop shadows to the windows a couple of days ago, we found that users of Explorer 6 and 7 would find that the text was also given a heavy shadow effect. There is no work around for this issue - so the website now looks at the users browser and determines that if the browser is older than Explorer 9, all shadow effects will not be applied to older browsers.

15/06/12 -- Magnified Images added to all new featured product pages. After having played with the spy glass that we machined in May 2012 - we had the idea to magnify the images on the featured pages. So, hover over the image and all will become clear! The mouse roller (if you've got one) will zoom the image in even more.

15/06/12 -- Drop shadow effect now added to all pages - but this only works with Explorer 9 and all other modern web browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc). All users running Windows XP with Microsoft Explorer 8 will not be able to see the effect, Microsoft has disabled any browser updating beyond Explorer 8 - which is not HTML5 compatible and will limit the users ability to enjoy the rich content of many new websites.

02/04/12 -- Areas of our site have been updated with some new libraries to take advantage of the new web compliant standards. This means that people using Microsoft Explorer 8 (Windows XP) may view the site slightly different to Explorer 9 (Windows Vista/7) users. If you are running on Windows XP and want the best possible viewing experience, then download Firefox - its free, secure, will also speed up your web browsing and will give you a much richer viewing and better content to all modern websites. -it can be downloaded free from here.

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If you've found a problem then please use the form at the bottom of this page to tell me as much as you can about when and where the problem occurs - otherwise I've put together a small fault finding table which you may find useful.

Metal Weight Calculator is not rounding the result properly to 4 decimal places. Also some crashing on result page


The crashing issue which gave a fault of 'error 501' occurred because I didn't close a math statement properly (oops!). The Metal Weight Calculator was not rounding the calculated result properly, this error has been resolved. Unbeknown to me at the time of programming - the Math.round function of javascript requires a value of 'to the power of' rather than 'decimal place' so adding "(*1000)/1000;" as per the line: "Math.round((numR.substring(0,numR.indexOf(".")+Rnd) * 0.4535)*1000)/1000;" has fixed the problem and now rounds to 3 decimal places. 19/02/2012
Problems playing movies with the new release of Firefox Beta 9 (unreleased)


Firefox now supports .webm codec as well as ogg vorbis video .ogv with the new version which is soon to be released to the general user. To enable the codec on our server we need to to write a short routine that allows our public folder to access the relevent files (.htaccess). For some reason our server is rejecting the file support and disallowing streams - so I am currently investigating the problem and it should be resolved sometime in the new year. As a fix, I have hosted the files required for Firefox to stream from another server - these will be transferred to M-Machine-Metals.co.uk as soon as a work-around has become available. This does not affect the performance of the website. 23/12/2011


I can't view or print any of the catalogues when downloaded to my computer.
The catalogues are presented in PDF format and require a compatible reader to be able to view them properly. Please use the link to the right to download the free and latest PDF reader and install it onto your PC.
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I can't view any of the catalogues on-line.
This is could be a number of things:
1. You may not have the latest Adobe Reader installed on your computer system, please use the link to the right of this text to download the latest version (link and icon provided by Abode Systems Inc)
2. The catalogues are quite large files and need time to stream to your PC from our website. A broadband connection will typically take several seconds to download enough of the file to the point that you can view it. Sometimes the reader will display a static screen as it downloads - if this is the case then please allow up to a few minutes for the file to download to your PC depending on your internet connection speed.
3. Some of the on-line sections of the catalogue may be in .JPG or JPEG format - these should be compatible with all devices - but in some cases may be getting blocked by your virus killer. Please check your virus killer settings to allow pictures as all of our website material is checked for viruses before being submitted to our server and also at regular intervals.
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The movies won't stream from the website and will only run when downloaded to my computer.
The movies are presented to your web browser in three formats: .MP4, .OGV and .WEBM. This should cover all combinations of computer / browser that you may be using (your browser will select automatically the correct file). If you can't view a movie then it is likely that you are using a version Microsoft Explorer.
Microsoft Explorer has a setting (which sometimes gets activated) that rejects streaming movies from websites such as this. Your should re-enable it by clicking on 'Internet Options' then 'Advanced' in the 'Settings' menu (the gear wheel symbol in explorer 9). Scroll down the list to 'Multimedia Settings' and enable the components as shown in the picture to the right (click on it for a larger view).
Another cause may be that you dont have the correct codec installed, if this is the case then please see the solution below for a fix.
The movies won't play, even when downloaded to my computer or mobile phone.
You need to make sure that you have some media player installed on your system. The movies have been checked on Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, iPhone OS5.01 and Android.
In all desktop cases, please download either the new ®Microsoft Windows Media Player to view the downloadable movies, or ®Apple Quicktime for web streaming.
For mobiles, please make sure your operator/data plan allows media streaming over 3G, 2G, or WIFI.
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Please use the form below to contact me:

Details about the error, include as much information as you can. If you want to be contacted regarding the problem then please add your email address, otherwise you can leave the box empty.

Personal details that you provide on this form will be deleted upon the fault being explored. If you provide your email address, this will only be used by myself(the webmaster) to contact you further about the problem that you have described - it will not be shared with any third party and will be deleted on the fault being corrected.