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Engineering and Fabrication

M-Machine has a long standing reputation for quality pressings and engineered components for the classic Mini, the backbone of which lies with the enormous variety of skills that all of our personnel can offer. For many years we have kept these skills 'in house' to concentrate on both production and maintenance of our press tools. In recent years however, we have opened the doors to our ‘hidden gem’ of a workforce and their knowledge because of the scarcity of quality engineering facilities in the UK.


It would be almost impossible to list every aspect of our engineering facility, so we're compiling a movie and photo album of our various machines in action. You can access the albums by clicking on the image to the left. Please keep checking back as we are in the process of updating our photo database.

Our engineers have a wide variety of skills and backgrounds that spread from steam locomotive engineering and maintenance to prototype development and CNC programming, these enable us to offer a massive wealth of advice, information and skill to our customers.

For a detailed list of our machineshop plant, please click this link: Plant List