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M-Machine Metals

During 2004, M-Machine expanded to enhance the range of services that we could provide to our customers. We purchased MCM Metals allowing us to offer a vast range of materials and profiles for production and model engineers.

With our many years experience in the engineering field, we are very happy to advise on material selection, and queries regarding specific grade uses and specifications.

Range, quality and delivery are our main priority with almost all catalogue materials in stock and ready to be dispatched next day.


Our printable catalogue can be downloaded by clicking on the link. Our stock list is growing all of the time, so please contact us if you can't find the size that you need, we will be happy to help!

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Customers please note: If you wish to collect material from our premises which is cut to order - such as a custom length or multiple lengths, please where possible telephone the order through to us allowing 1-2 hours before you need to pick the material up - this gives us time to pick and cut your order before you arrive. Thank you.

We have a small stock of a rather fantastic new material, Fluorosint. The plastic like material is PTFE based with an additive that gives it far superior properties - so it doesn't deform in the same way that PTFE does. This means that it can be used for steam piston rings that pass over ports. It retains the 'slippyness' and machineability but with added strength.