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Previously Featured Engineering Projects:

Below is a list of items that we have produced in our engineering workshops that we've previously featured on our homepage, you can click on the icons to view the jobs in detail with a short text about the parts.

Regulator J Pipe Featured in: May 2013
Boilerglass gauge valves. Featured in: July 2012
fan Centrifugal fan and housing. Featured in: June 2012
Spyglass Spy glass. Featured in: May 2012
Smokebox Valve Smokebox drain valve. Featured in: April 2012
Nuts and cones Pecket nuts and cones. Featured in: March 2012
boiler washdown plug Boiler wash out plug. Featured in: February 2012

Tiny combined turret whistle valve.

Featured in: January 2012
Harley motorcycle yoke. Featured in: December 2011
  New website published in current form, December 2011

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