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Welcome to M-Machine Metals & Engineering.

If you are starting a new model project or simply need specialist metals, we offer a huge range of engineering materials from stock. Our experienced craftsmen and our fully equipped workshops can help with any engineered component and we have a massive stock of Imperial and Metric fasteners from which to choose.

We do a lot more than just supply metals; take a look around our website - there are lots of things to find with pictures of current projects, machining movies and information on heat treatment with material grades and lots more. If you can't find what you need then please just give us a ring or pop in to see us - we're happy to help!

Our long list of customers is our best advert - new custom is often via recommendation because we are committed to providing a personal service to help you as much as we can. We have a wide selection of offcuts for sale on Ebay - please have a look.


It is funny how things work out, we've recently bought a Dean Smith and Grace centre lathe to replace an aging Colchester. A couple of weeks later we find that we need to manufacture a new reverser nut for a K1 locomotive as the original is starting to get really worn. The thread is a three start ACME and left hand in EN16R so needs something with a bit of bulk to take the cutting strain.

What a brilliant job to put the new lathe to the test!


K1 Regulator J Pipe

May 2013

Pop Valve

April 2013

Whistle Valve

Whistle valve

January 2013

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M-Machine, Classic Mini Parts

If you are looking for classic Mini car parts or panels then please visit our other website, 'm-machine.co.uk' or click on the image to the left. Here you will be able to download and view a very comprehensive panel and parts catalogue to help you restore and maintain your Mini.